New Primary English Pupils Book 3

The trusted Primary English course, approved by Mineduc for levels 1-6

Fully approved for levels 1 – 6, features of New Primary English include:
  • coverage of the four skills of English – listening, speaking, reading and writing – to ensure pupils receive a comprehensive introduction to English learning
  • the use of familiar songs to make learning fun and words easy to recall,
  • practice in the use of polite language to help develop everyday English skills
  • progressively graded exercises – starting with the familiar and moving towards the unfamiliar – to allow pupils to build English competence and confidence as they progress through the course.
Each Pupils’ Book has an accompanying FREE Teacher’s Guide* which includes full support for the teacher
including objectives, suggestions for lesson plans and advice on classroom management.
ISBN-13: 978 1 408229 92 7
Emmanuel Murenzi
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