Creativity Boost is back! Drakkar runs literacy workshops at Les Enfants de Dieu!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

After a brief hiatus, Creativity Boost is back!


Drakkar has partnered with a children's center - Les Enfants de Dieu - a home for former street children in Kigali.  We will run literacy workshops, help to build a love of reading, play creative games with the children.  The center is home to over 90 children, all boys, ranging in age from 6-19, and Drakkar worked with all of them on Saturday!


First the students introduced themselves by drawing a picture and sharing it with the group.  Sentence starters helped them feel more comfortable speaking English, and writing their answers down helped to build familiarity with the language.

  IMG_3590 (400x300).jpg

Next, we read a story in Kinyarwanda.  We've translated many of the Junior African Writers Series into Kinyarwanda, to improve access to readers written in Kinyarwanda.


IMG_3593 (500x375).jpg


And then we read the same story in English to help build vocabulary.  We love using the Junior African Writers Series!


IMG_3601 (500x375).jpg


The older children were asked to unscramble sentences in English, so that they would make sense.


IMG_3605 (500x375).jpg


There were many other activities, and we will return to work the children once a month.  It was a great experience for our volunteers and the children alike, and Drakkar looks forward to continuing to build a culture of reading in Rwanda, including with the boys of EDD.


IMG_3613 (500x375).jpg