Drakkar Creativity Boost at Gahanga Orphanage

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December the 9th a group of five from the Drakkar Creativity Boost movement went to Gahanga Orphanage to have a creative and fun afternoon with the children and indeed we had.


We did different games and exercises with the children at Gahanga. While the older children were folding hats out of newspaper and posing for the camera wearing them, Lydie was reading a story for the small children. This was apparently the first time anyone had read for them. With big eyes they followed the story from the beginning to the end.

The last activity we did was clay modeling, which turned out to be interesting for all the children no matter of their age. With green and red clay balls, heads, flowers, dogs and bowls were made. We left Gahanga surrounded by smiling children singing for us. We will be back!

For more information about Gahanga or to find out how you can support the orphanage, visit www.rwandakids.wordpress.com.