Drakkar Creativity Boost at Horizon Primary School

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Saturday a group of five Drakkar Creativity Boost volunteers went to Horizon Primary School to do a Creativity Boost. For those who this is their first time to hear the term Creativity Boost, it is an event done by Drakkar, where volunteers visit a school and do creative games and exercises with the children.

This time we did a combination of story-telling and outdoor activities. The students got a story told for them and they made up their own stories as well.  We played trust-your-friend, where a child has to let him or herself fall back into the arms of a friend and thereby show trust, we played a word-game, where a group of students forms a word with their bodies and another group guess the word and finally we danced and had fun.

See you at the next Drakkar Creativity Boost!