Drakkar Creativity Boost at Rwanda Orphanage Project

Monday, May 7, 2012

Drakkar volunteers have done it again! They have given children a creative boost. This time the Creativity Boost took place at the Rwanda Orphanage Project (ROP) in Kanombe. Around 100 boys live at the orphanage, which also has a catch up school attached to it.

The boys folded paper airplanes finding out which of three different kinds would fly the best. They also played “Trust your Friend”, a game where you need to trust a friend to the extent that you dare to fall backwards into his arms.

Rounding up, storyteller Juliet told the boys a story about a princess who was a very fast runner and did not want to get married, which let to a discussion about making your own choices in life.

We all had a very great morning and the boys were very creative and willing to participate. The older ones were also very helpful facilitating translation and explanation of the games.

We wish all the best to all the people at ROP!