Drakkar initiates Children’s Corner

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday the 20th of February, Drakkar held its first Children’s Corner. 25 students from the primary school St. Ignace visited the Drakkar office and bookstore to read, listen, and expand their knowledge about and interest in books.

The Drakkar Children’s Corner is an initiative started by Drakkar Ltd with the purpose of spreading a culture of reading among Rwandan children.

“As a book seller and distributor we believe that reading is an important part of any child’s development and therefore something we want to encourage”, says the Managing Director of Drakkar, Lydie Hakizimana.

At a Children’s Corner, the Drakkar team reads aloud stories for the children, who answers questions regarding the stories and relate them to their own life. The children also get the chance to read in books themselves; both alone and for each other. The idea behind the Children’s Corner is that by exposing the children to the world of books and stories, they will get more familiar with books and thereby the chance that they will keep reading and learning throughout their life will increase.