Drakkar staff and volunteers start creative movement at La Berceuse!

Monday, October 24, 2011


On Saturday 22 October, Drakkar launched its new initiative " Drakkar Creativity Boost" together with 50 primary students (5th grade) of la Berceuse school in Kicukiru, Kigali. Throughout the morning Drakkar staff and volunteers engaged the students to be creative and had great fun by doing games, songs and exercises together.

Drakkar Creativity Boost is a movement of creative people going out to visit schools throughout Rwanda. The aim is to organise fun and creative sessions for school children and their teachers. The movement is initiated and coordinated by Drakkar and la Berceuse was the very first school receiving a visit.


Enabling creative skills at a young age helps to think critically and solve problems later on in life. However, many schools in poor areas have little or no interaction with role models and creative people in Rwanda. And with little exposure to creativity, it is difficult for children in school to develop their talents.

This movement therefore has the objective to bring a ‘creativity boost’ which inspires both school children and their teachers to think out of the box and do things differently. And things were certainly done differently at la Berceuse, as you might tell from the pictures.

Students loved the singing and movement exercises, but also appreciated the small role play exercise which some of the brave students performed in front of the group. For all of them it was the first time that they 'acted' but at the end of the morning one boy enthusiastically told us that  he'd like to become a film star!

Drakkar staff Lydie, Helle and Janine would very much like to thank the headteacher and teachers from La Berceuse for hosting us at the school and for welcoming us in such a nice way (the students sang a song for us upon arrival). We also wish to thank our first volunteers Gisele, Ethel and Esdras for joining us this morning and for the preparation. We hope many more creative sessions will follow...