University Exhibitions in Kigali's Private Universities

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last month Drakkar had been holding exhibitions at private universities in Kigali. So far these universities include the Kigali Institute of Management, the Adventist University of Central Africa, and the Rwanda Tourist University College. The exhibitions have been an effective way of letting the students and lecturers within Kigali know more about the company and especially its products. The exhibitions have given the company’s customers an opportunity to have a much better understanding of the company through actually seeing the textbooks that the company has to offer and discussing with its employees. They are also able to learn far more about the books than ever before as they are able to hold the books and view the quality and content of the books for themselves.
The first exhibition was held at the Kigali Institute of Management. When the exhibition started both students and lecturers were excited and intrigued by the blue banner of Pearson. They did not hesitate to ask questions about the company and were genuinely welcoming to the sales representatives at work. Lecturers at the Kigali Institute of Management were able to view certain books which they found to be interesting and upon taking the company’s contact details they confidently stated they plan to return to its main office to purchase books. Many students were also very impressed with the wide variety of books which were available. The several unique books on accounting and business were enough to attract and motivate these students into mimicking their teachers by making sure they also know what number to call when they are ready to buy a book. This exhibition was successful in that it was a brilliant promotion opportunity as majority of the university’s members had not known about Drakkar. The exhibition lasted three days, from Wednesday the 6th to Friday the 8th, and overall it was positive and worthwhile.
The following week, the next exhibition was due to start on Wednesday the 13th at the beautiful campus of the Adventist University of Central Africa. Through the provision of certain supplies which were needed and assistance in different forms they proved from the beginning that it was going to be team effort. Not only that, but certain lecturers could even be found encouraging students to buy books from the stand. Students could be found at all times looking at the books on offer and with the range of degrees offered by the university many more books were brought to meet the academic needs of all the members of the university. The Bachelor of Science in IT with a Major in either Information Management or Network and Communication Systems required Drakkar to bring many of Pearson’s wonderful books on Information Technology. This category of books in particular was popular amongst university members, books such as “Top-Down Network Designs” and “Java: How to Program” were customer favorites and both were sold to the library in numerous copies. Along with these, books in the Accounting, English, and Business category also sold in great numbers. The customer response was so positive that Drakkar’s stay at AUCA was extended, the exhibition that was supposed to end on the 15th ended up concluding on the 23rd. An invitation by the Vice-Rector to return in the months to come to hold more exhibitions was very encouraging and Drakkar looks forward to further opportunities to return to this excellent institution.
On the 27th of March Drakkar sales representatives then made their way to undergo the next exhibition at the Rwanda Tourist University College. The stay at RTUC was also rewarding as both students and teachers continued to show interest in Drakkar’s products on a daily basis. When there weren’t any classes being held one could find groups of students standing at the exhibition. The excellent books on Hospitality and Tourism which Pearson has published immediately captured the attention of students. The wide varieties of Information Technology books were also pleasing to all.  Several questions about the company were asked and many people were given contact details.  By the time the exhibition was over it was clear that both students and lecturers had learnt much more about Drakkar than when the exhibition started. Drakkar wishes to return to RTUC soon.
Drakkar plans on holding exhibitions at more universities and the next one is to be held at Mount Kenya University.  The exhibition is planned to begin early May and Drakkar remains optimistic in terms of what it is expected. The company believes that like the past three exhibitions, only good will be left to recount. Pictures of the past exhibitions can be found on Drakkar’s website, and on its Facebook account page titled, Drakkar Rwanda.