Young Rwandan author presents his story and books at the new Drakkar office

Friday, December 23, 2011

Yesterday Drakkar hosted an event where the young Rwandan author Pacifique Mahirwe presented his story and his two books. Drakkar held this event because we believe that one way to spread a culture of reading in Rwanda is by promoting Rwandan authors.

Pacifique grew up at an orphanage and when he was in senior 3 he wrote his first book called “living with sadness makes your enemy happy”.  Three years after he wrote his second book about his own turbulent life. In 2009, he got a grant from the Ministry of Youth to print his books and he has sold more than 800 copies. His story was very impressing to hear and we hope to keep working with him in the future as he is for sure an upcoming Rwandan author.

Currently, Pacifique is working on a new project called Umugani. He wants to promote reading and writing in families through magazines and books. The magazine will, among other things, include bedtime stories, tour & travel, fashion and advice for parents.
Drakkar had invited various partners for the event and while networking and enjoying a drink, they were asked to write down why they like reading. The responses were very interesting as you can read on the picture below.